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Commercial Courses

CoCN1 Non Domestic Core

CoDNCO1 Changeover Domestic to Commercial

CoCDN1 Changeover from Commercial to Domestic

Commercial Catering

CCCN1 Commercial Catering Core Gas Safety

COMCAT1 Catering Group 1. Ovens

eg Ranges, Ovens, Bains Marie, Boiling Tables

COMCAT3 Catering Group 3. Fryers & Grills

eg Bratt Pans, Griddle, Deep Fat Fryers.

CoDC1 Change Over Domestic to Commercial Catering

CoCATA1 Changeover From Domestic Appliances

Commercial Heating Courses

CIGA1 Indirect Fired Air Heating

CORT1 Radiant Tube Heating

CDGA1 Direct Fired Air Heating

Commercial Pipework Courses

ICPN1 Commercial Pipework

TPCP1 Testing & Purging

TPCP1A Testing & Purging of Low Pressure Commercial Pipework not

exceeding 1m3 in volume and 40mb operating pressure

ICPN1LS Commercial Pipework Limited Scope

CoCNPI1LS Assembly & Install Commercial Appliance that are not

connected to a live gas supply

ICAE1LS Installation of First Fix Commercial Appliances & Equipment

Various dates available

Ring 01706 653671 for more information

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